“wanna be mine?” / gamble

you’re england best thing,
make hunger grow in public minds.
i’m running short on makeshift lies
to be no warmer than tepid to you.
(“wanna be mine?”)
put lines through my ‘t’ s
while i lie through my teeth.
i dare you to call up the number they left on the tissue to line up for throne –
fall in love and move on.
please, stop running your hands through my hair –
better find an affair that i can not stand.
one day, the day that i’m older
and you stop being one of my problems
i will find a new kind of way
to fall for you with nothing to gain.



those snowy roofs reminded me of gingerbread – it gives the same warmth that rushes down your spine. your kisses reminded me of gingerbread, too. that’s why my lips are ice cold now. 

long time no see. im so sorry for the lack on my behalf – i want to put out only the best, and it’s hard when you’re still trying to find your voice. hopefully one day i’ll be 100% happy with what i write without second thoughts. thanks for sticking around! 💞 

for L, 2013.

in a room of noisy sounds, your eyes sillently cut mine. people are here to dance, but we pranced way too often back in the day – i wished to break a leg with you, but broke my heart instead. i find your words i didn’t count in fingertips on my pillowcases and my dresses, it all got pretty messy around here: i escaped, forgetting to leave you a message. it’s a digital evidence of me being ignorant bliss of yours, a glimpse of my childish dream that came true without thinking ahead. i regret letting you in sometimes – you do as well. we both got fed up on ink and paper we wasted on each other, and i’m wasted on you yet west wind keeps me sober. i’m a robber of your free time and free will, i’m guilty in being the girl with soft skin in nice dress.
distress, they called us. a hurricane girl made sunshine boy pour down. but the downpour wasn’t in the forecast – it just happened. as our summer love did.

please, don’t make me.

you reached for the bottle beside your pillow.

we grew familiar with the skin we put ourselves into.

your name is a nursery rhyme to mine, but that’s alright, i don’t mind, i agreed to this.

i woke up to my lipstick being a hickey on your shoulder and hips.

i thought we were partying, but clearly we both got too tipsy too quick.

i feel distillery dust on my fingers from touching your lips yesterday.

was it too early for us to wake up in the same bed again?

you told me to put on my party face, dance all night avoiding my problems with a drink in my hand.

you gripped my hand at the party the way i used to hold onto yours back in the day.

i pray for the sun to come back to burst me into flames (just not again, not again).

we’re making a mess, turning the reality into the inside of my head (please don’t make me fall in love with you again).


this one truly sounds and looks more like a song, but i love it nonetheless. hope you too! (insp. by lorde and her melodrama x)


i’m your favourite kind of nobody. painting of unknown creator. i make you feel wanted behind the outlines of posh baroque life, you strive to be much closer than a queen size bed. you pull me to yourself asking for one last tipsy dance so our feer hurt more than our heads in the morning. it doesn’t get borning, your eyes are glowing, but, sadly, closing hour comes over.

mornings later, i’m your favourite someone. i’m homecooked dish you savor till every bit is gone. i’m the skin perfumed with wind that leaves freedom up to me and i’m the bones that rattle answering to your touches. my brain is autumn rain with thunder rolling words from my tongue, but you’re in the eye of mad weather. it can’t get any better – we both have sweet tooth for each other, we both got ethereally lucky.

i’m your favourite kind of nobody that somehow replaced everybody in your crazy wild life.



so i figured i’d start with some sort of welcome post, and i feel like firstly i should introduce myself.

hello, i’m darya, i’m currently 18 and i’m a writter. maybe a new writter, but still. never in my dreams i thought i’d persue this as my career in any form, but here i am trying to do such. *fingers crossed* i’ll end up where i wanna be.

some things that inspire me the most are:

  • music
  • creative mind
  • tea
  • chocolate
  • rain (especially heavy onces)

here’s only upwards and onwards for me, and i hope you want to join me on this trip x